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I have been capturing emotive images since being awarded my photography badge as a boy scout. I am a proud father to my son Oliver and fuelled by the finer things in life, no not the Colston Bassett Stilton and Italian Barolo wine finer things, the finer things like capturing the ever changing light or being moved by artistic moments and nature.  


My career took me down the motion pictures route first of all, which started in 2001 after studying TV Operations and Production at Edinburgh College. 


I then trained as a camera assistant when 16mm was the norm for shooting Ads, TV series and low budget films. From there I side stepped into a production house for 5 years, shooting and editing content as the DSLR revolution dawned, as well as being all round production support for many commercial and corporate communications.


For the past 8 years I have been freelance, filming content for online and corporate films. Most recently, I have added Stills as a service, covering portrait, lifestyle and social media content.


I have donned my production hat since leaving the production house, producing personal projects and undertaking Coordinator roles. In particular, the FIND Scotland program funded through Creative Scotland as well as the BFI Film Academy Craft Skills Course held by Screen Education Edinburgh.  I feel it's important to give back, as it was a program similar to this that helped me get my break in to the industry.

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Tel: +44 (0) 7793 964819


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